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Lewis and Nik are founding members of Doggus films, a company created to make animated content based on original scripts.

They also enjoy diverse art practice such as 3D modelling, traditional sculpture and have worked in the wider arts community as animators and performers.

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Meet the Creators 


Lewis Argall, aka D.P. Enkarso, has created story worlds for as long as he can remember using any medium that he can get his hands on.

His work includes writing, sculpture, textile design, performance art and animation. Lewis has been working at Doggus films since its inception in 2016  collaborates with Nikola Malbasic and Lucinda Clutterbuck in a creative partnership forged over many years.

Lewis has exhibited his sculpture installations and live art performances at numerous spaces and events around Sydney including at 107 Projects, Intersect Arts Sydney and the Inner West Council’s Sight and Sound Arts Program.

In May 2016, he was a participating artist in Forward/Story, a global artist’s lab led by Lance Weiler and Christy Dena and hosted in Costa Rica with the support of Columbia University.


Nik is a highly creative thinker and has a facility for learning and teaching computer programs such as Maya, Unity, Modo, TVPaint, Photoshop, After-Effects, Mudbox, Zbrush, Illustration, Modelling and more.

He is an exhibiting artist and collaborator with Lewis Argall as part of the Square Pegs: an artist-run initiative making live art accessible to the public. He and Lewis Argall have been collaborators since they graduated from AIE ten years ago. 

Since 2016 he and Lewis have exhibited in a variety of performance art using 3D sculpture and animation. 

He is currently a creative partner at Piccolo Films, Sydney where he is a valued member of the company as his wide knowledge of humanity adds to his ability to help bridge the generation gap between the directors and today’s ever updating digital generation.

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Lucinda Clutterbuck


Lucinda Clutterbuck is an old school 2D animator and film producer. She has worked in the 2D animation field since she was 21 and got her first job at "Hanna Barbera" in Crows Nest, NSW, working on the animated series "Laverne & Shirley."

From there she worked for Yoram Gross on the "Dot and the Kangaroo" animation series before directing music videos for Australian Indie bands such as "Machinations" and "Flotsam Jetsam."

She directed and coproduced the celebrated animation film "Tiga" about the fate of the Tasmanian tiger. Along with Sarah Watt, Fiona Eagger and Elisa Argenzio, she created a thirteen-part animated series called "The WEB" for ABC Television with Eco Productions. She has worked as an indie animation professional for four decades.

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